Milo in Barcelona. Yay globalisation!

1. I can chop firewood. Just.

I have horrible visions of television dramas set around the Tudor period featuring novice executioners and the several swipes it took to remove a stubborn head. At least I only have wood to contend with. It took a few attempts, near misses and words of, ‘You need to shuffle back and move your feet away’ then success. If I had a photo of the piece, then I would have posted it up but it went straight into the fire. New Zealanders, I am told, do not like to stand on ceremony (and it’s freaking cold)

2. The Tim Tam Slam

Sweet antipodean mercy, why after 26 years, did I have absolutely no idea such a marvel existed? It’s the stop-gap between something warm and comforting, and child-like pleasure of trying to drop a water bomb on your uncle’s head.  You can’t tell, but I’m eyeing my Aussie and Kiwi friends with suspicion for holding out on me.

I fear that I’m going to get pressure of speech in explaining what exactly this is, but simply put: take a Tim Tam (biscuit like a UK Penguin bar, but better) bite the corner off opposite ends. Dunk it into a chocolate drink (Milo is the mix of choice here) and suck. When you can feel the liquid on your tongue, *very quickly* take the biscuit and put it in your mouth. There you will experience chocolate nirvana. The hot liquid gets sucked right into the biscuit and makes for a melting, warm, comforting sugar rush. I’m almost too scared to articulate how I feel about it in case it takes away the sacred fun element from the experience.

3. Kumara dip

Think hummus, but with sweet potato (Kiwi’s say kumara), cumin and pumpkin seeds thrown into the mix. It is awesome. O for awesome! I would have put up a picture of the tub, but I erm… ate it all. In my defence, I consumed it over a period of 3 days. Good with seeded bread and raw vegetables.


The ratio of activity vs food consumption is quite telling. Perhaps I should get out more