Same picture, different camera

It has only been a couple of months since my exams finished, but I’m certain if I was to take my medical finals now, I’d fail them. New Zealand has provided a wonderful backdrop for what is known as the ‘post-finals brain drain’; if I’m going to lose my mind, then I’d rather it be somewhere beautiful.

I took the awesome shiny camera out for a walk around the lake. I wasn’t certain about the dials and I wanted to use it beyond the automatic settings, so after a couple of YouTube tutorials, I progressed to… creative auto!

Having spent my life in a gym on a treadmill, I never really understood the allure of outdoor running (well, you wouldn’t if your view was Brixton Prison) but I’ve taken to a spot of exercise outside since coming here. Pros: it’s very pretty and the endorphins. Cons: the exercising part