The lucky terrapin is coming too

I can travel light, I backpacked for 3 months through several climates with 9kg on my back, so I’m generally quite confident in knowing what’s sensible to take and what I have to leave behind. My cookbooks fall into the latter group, and I feel a small pang of longing for the large pile I have accumulated over the years. I don’t want them gathering dust on the bookshelf, so friends are adopting them and good things will happen.

I am taking one book with me: Leith’s cookery bible as it’s the most useful and least gimmicky. It’s also ridiculously heavy and is going through in my hand baggage.

Confirmation bias of ‘what an awesome place I’m moving to’ aside, I have won a cookbook with Kiwi-compiled recipes, so I consider this a good omen! I’m so excited as the last thing I won was a hi-fi cleaner when I was 7. Share, Indulge, Enjoy: the recipes look vibrant and delicious, right up my street. It will be waiting for me before I’ve even touched down, so I’m happy that I’m already making my mark from a distance.


A good piece on the subject of confirmation bias

Treehousekitchen oh great provider of recipe books!